Public Talks

27 Jul 2016 "ghd Electric Pink Charity Project Press Day" @Hong Kong

31 Mar 2016  "Corum Charity Chinese Opera Evening"  @Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong

8 Mar 2016  "OC & BRCA" Interview  Headline Daily, Sky Post and Ming Pao

26 Jan 2016  Press Conference: Electronic Media Coverage on HKU Announces Latest Research on Hereditary Breast Cancer and Dr Ava Kwong's Reflections on Care of Breast Cancer Patients through "Healing Breast Cancer with Love"@Hong Kong

13 Jan 2016   "Cancer Genetics in Breast and Ovarian Cancer"  Cancer Fund@Hong Kong

31 Oct 2015  “ Hereditary Breast cancer”  Breast Cancer Public Talk Associacao de Feliz Paraiso@Macau. 開心樂園 

29 Oct 2015  “Breast cancer, what can you do about it?”  Duty Free DFS Women’s Initiative talk@Hong Kong

23 Oct 2013  "Breast cancer, who’s at risk an options of treatment?"  Financial Partner company talk

18 Oct 2013  "Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment"  Ming Pao-Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital Seminar@Hong Kong

17 Oct 2013  "Breast cancer- what can be done about it?"  Credit Suisse company lunch seminar

15 Sep 2013  "An Update on Hereditary Breast Cancer."  Li Shu Pui Symptosium, HK Sanatorium and Hospital@Hong Kong

17 Dec 2011  "Hereditary Breast cancer updates."  The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society Patient talk@Hong Kong

10 July 2010  "Understanding Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer."  HK Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry Patient Talk@Hong Kong

29 Jun 2010  "Update in prevention and genetics in management of breast cancer."  Ming Pao Hong Kong Sanatorium Joint Patient Talk@Hong Kong

18 Jan 2010  "Facing Breast Cancer, a patient’s journey."  Pricewaterhouse@Hong Kong

17 Jun 2009  "Update in surgical management of breast cancer." HK Central Library Public talk@Hong Kong

18 May 2009  "Treatments for breast cancer patients."  Queen Mary Hospital Cancer Center@Hong Kong

8 Nov 2008  "Latest Breast cancer treatment." The University of Hong Kong public lecture series@Hong Kong

Mar 2008  "Hereditary breast cancer: updates."  Tung Wah Hospital public forum@Hong Kong

Mar 2008  "What’s new in the Management of Breast Cancer."  Ming Pao Newspaper public forum

Jan 2008  "What’s new in the Management of Breast Cancer."  St Teresa’s Hospital CME programme@Hong Kong

Oct 2007  "New advances in early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer."  Goldman Sachs (HK & Beijing)

16 Jun 2007  "New advances in early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer."  Angus Moore Investments 

21 Apr 2007  "Who is at risk of breast cancer."  HKSH and Ming Pao Newspaper Ltd@Hong Kong