Mobile Application --- Breast Friend

Hong Kong’s first mobile application designed for breast cancer patients and their carers --- Breast Friend

Pioneered by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry and The University of Hong Kong, this application combines notification for follow-up consultation, electronic health record and therapeutic blog writing to accompany patients during their journey of recovery.

Follow-up Consultation Notification

This function is designed to answer the pragmatic needs experienced by many breast cancer patients and carers. Instead of keeping different appointment slips from various specialties, users can simply take a photo of the appointment slips with their mobile phones, and the time, date, and venue of the appointment will be stored in the calendar automatically. The schedules can also be shared between patients and their selected carers. As cancer patients need to undergo various types of treatments and screenings from various specialties, this function can help patients to better organize their schedules and minimize the error of manual input and missing of appointments.

Electronic Health Record

Communication between Medical Professionals of different specialties and patients can be enhanced through the electronic health record and organization of treatment schedule.

Personal Blog

Writing personal blogs can enable patients to express and release any possible negative emotions during the treatment process. Carers can also post positive images and messages to encourage patients. Users can also choose to share blog posts to specific friends and family members to assist them going through hard times. 

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Video about Breast Friend Mobile Application 

BreastFriend VideoScreen

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