“Pink Desserts 2022”Charity Sale - “ReDiscover” PINK DESSERTS at every corner of the city

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PINK DESSERTS 2022 Charity Sale is the sweetest charitable event in town organised by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“THE REGISTRY”). During the event period from July to September, part of the sales proceed of every designated PINK DESSERTS or products at the participating merchants will be donated to THE REGISTRY to support underserved high risk cancer patients with genetic mutations and their family members to undergo genetic testing, counselling and other clinical services.

With over 35 supporting merchants this year including five-star hotels, catering groups, coffee shops, beverage chains and online stores, THE REGISTRY invites you to “ReDiscover” PINK DESSERTS at every corner of the city from local popularities to exotic international delicacies.  For more details, please visit THE REGISTRY website at www.asiabreastregistry.com .


Enjoy sweet treats and spread love to those in need!

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#香港遺傳性乳癌家族資料庫  #支持遺傳性症患者


PINK DESSERTS 2022 Charity Sale Sponsors and Participating Merchants: 

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