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Message from Chairman

The Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry was established in 2007. The main mission was to bring in genetic testing for families at risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, a standard of care in the West and yet totally unavailable in the East. This initiation starting off on a medical basis and has resulted in fund raising for those who do not have the privilege in obtaining the test, public education and awareness to improve knowledge of hereditary cancers allowing motivations of self referrals and training of personnel to specialize in the area. In Collaboration with The University of Hong Kong, the Registry is pioneering research in Chinese populations, establishing one of the largest Chinese Hereditary Breast Cancer Family database which is now world recognized and working with worldwide leading centers to perform research international to better understand risk and cause of breast cancer and improve preventative and management options.

Whilst donations from loyal supporters such as yourselves have helped those who cannot afford to have genetic testing to receive such an opportunity, these families have also contributed to the work of the registry by donating their information for research. Such research has led to direct improvement in our testing methods, changing from older gene sequencing methods, to the use of a much more accurate, fast but less costly testing using Next Generation Sequencing. Without your donations and the support the application of such new technology would not be possible. The research is first of its kind in Chinese and the finding of 6 founder mutations and at least 20 recurrent mutations, some of which are only seen in Chinese ethnicity, has also led to the recognition by the government to provide grant support for us to collaborate with University of Hong Kong to do further study. Which such findings, the use of a founder- recurrent mutation screen as a first step of genetic screening has been established locally and therefore changing the management of risk assessment in Chinese directly. This will also be tested internationally in Chinese populations.

With the better use of funds for genetic testing this year we aim to raise funds to cover gaps in our medical system which still exist for the high risk groups including covering cost for preventative measures, ovarian screening and also psychological support. This year we have also expanded in testing for more genes on our gene panel and supporting total body MRI scans as an early screening tool for TP53 mutations carriers, a new endeavour to families who could get not only breast cancer but also sarcomas, leukaemia and brain tumors.

As a medical professional, healing, giving and making a difference to others is part of our lives. I would like to ask you to join the pink spirit of the medical profession and research team in supporting this work. The Registry really appreciate your unfailing support and we look forward to have you as our partners once again to save more lives of those at the highest risk.


Dr. Ava Kwong